How To Open A Truck Bed Cover

When it comes to pickup truck accessories, few are as beneficial as a truck bed cover. When one of these covers is installed over the bed of a vehicle, any items in the truck bed remain safe and protected, whether the vehicle is parked or driving down the road.

After the truck bed is installed, the next step is to figure out how to open it. When it comes to how to open a truck bed cover, it depends on the design. There are a lot of different types of bed covers out there, all of which are slightly different in terms of how they are used.

The most basic type of truck bed cover consists of a pliable sheet of vinyl that is attached to the vehicle behind the cab. Middle of the range covers like the bak industries mx4 though, have a number of hinged hard folding panels. There are Velcro strips on either side of the sheet. When the cover is in place, it is stretched over the back of the vehicle with the Velcro on the side rails holding it in place.

Opening a cover like this is usually quite easy. Depending on the design, there may or may not be a lock. If you have a locking cover, you first need to unlock it. There may also be a latch that you need to pull underneath the back edge of the cover to release it. Once it has been unlocked or released, simply begin rolling the cover up toward the front of the truck. When you get to the point just behind the cab, secure the roll in place so that it doesn’t come undone while you are traveling down the road.

Retractable tonneau covers feature a similar design to a roll-up window shade. When they are in use, they are pulled out over the truck bed and secured in place. When you want to open one of these covers, you simply unlock it and give it a little tug. This causes it to start rolling up automatically, much like a roller shade or a projector screen.

Folding truck bed covers are also popular. Typically, these covers feature three or more rigid panels that are hinged at the areas where they are joined together. To open one of these covers, simply begin folding each panel back on top of the others, working your way closer and closer to the cab of the truck.

Hinged tonneau covers open in much the same way as the trunk on a car. They are attached to the vehicle at the bulkhead and have special hinges that enable the cover to be raised into the air from the rear. These covers usually have a latch that releases them. To use them, you simply pull on the latch and begin lifting the back end of the cover into the air.

When it comes to how to open a truck bed cover, it depends on the design. Different types of truck bed covers are opened in different ways. For the best results, always read the instructions that came with the cover to find out exactly how to open it.

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